This McKinsey report nails it

"People keep quitting at record levels, yet companies are still trying to attract and retain them the same old ways."

It’s crypto winter, but Braintrust continued to build in May.

Watch to learn about the:

  • New Fresh Start Campaign
  • New Clients Hiring
  • New Product Improvements for Clients
  • New Partnerships!
  • New resources to help Talent get hired
  • And more
Building Largest Web3 Network w/ Adam Jackson | Co-Founder at Braintrust

One of the best part of the @usebraintrust @adamjacksonsf interview by Billion Moonshots. If you are hiring or planning to hire, even these few seconds can convince you.

The war for tech talents is only beginning

"the lack of talents to recruit is now widespread. Only a few months ago Revelio Lab was publishing statistics on how the last two years of pandemic affected the banking and tech sector."

Designers, the demand is growing!

“The need for designers is off the charts,” says Judy Wert of Wert&Co, a design industry recruiting firm that has worked with companies like Airbnb, Frog, Sonos, and Marriott.

Times are tough. Are you sure you're charging enough for your services?

Check out Braintrust network dashboard to see real-time market rates for top tech skill sets.

New Direct Placement Option to Hire on Braintrust Added!

To hire a candidate, outdated processes take too long and cost too much. In addition to contract roles, clients on Braintrust can now hire direct placements from the world’s top vetted tech talent, with the same benefits and low fees they already love from Braintrust.

Tech Companies Say They Can’t Find Good Employees. The Companies May Be the Problem.

Many technology companies bemoan how difficult it is to find good employees. A new study suggests the companies themselves might be partly to blame.

Cost of living now leading concern among Gen Zs and millennials

“People think happiness is a privilege, or a byproduct of success – but it can also be a goal.” more than 23,000 workers aged 18 to 38, work-life balance was found to be their top priority and 75% preferred remote or hybrid patterns.

This is transparency... - updated with explanation

With the launch of the Network Dashboard and the passing of the Fee Converter smart contract by the community, Braintrust is going where no Web2 network would dare — offering full transparency with market rates and network information that helps Talent thrive on the network they own.

All of Braintrust data is public: the network by the numbers – an awesome source for both freelancers and companies!


total dollars earned on the network.


total jobs



as of February 21, 2021

See the live data:

Co-Founder Adam Jackson did a quick Twitter thread that breaks it down section-by-section so you know how to read this dashboard, understand how well Braintrust is doing, and even price your work right:

How many jobs are available for talent looking for work?

93% percent of the roles are full time.

63% of jobs has no location requirement.

61% of the talent are from the United States - aligning perfectly with the demand

Top 4 demanded roles: engineering, design, product and project management

Top category of open jobs: Full-Stack Engineer

Supply and Demand Report on Google Data Studio