Hi, I am Bence

As a founding member of Braintrust, I would like to introduce you to a revolutionary web3 job matching platform. It's completely community driven – there is no middleman. After trying many platforms, spoken with 500+ recruiters, doing 100+ job interviews – I can honestly say, Braintrust is one of the best.
My Invitation to Braintrust
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Work from anywhere at top tech companies – no visa restrictions, full or part time. The most exciting companies in the US, UK and EU are waiting for you!

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Braintrust needs...

Software engineers

React, Javascript, AWS, Blockchain – Mobile developers: React Native, iOS, Android...


UI Designers, Experience Designers, Product Designers, Researchers...


Project Managers, Product Managers, Dev Ops/Admin, Product Owners, Scrum Masters...

Strategy, Content and Marketing

Marketing Strategists, UX Writers, Content Designers and Editors, Video Editors...
Bence Csernak

I am here to share my experience

"Getting started with Braintrust was one of the most painless user experiences I've had when signing up to a recruitment network"
–Pedro Gaudêncio, Full Stack Web Developer

Key advantages of working via Braintrust:


Largest brands are here on Braintrust

Regardless of your location, you get access to these companies as the procurement has been done already!

You can leave your current job without huge risk

as the average project size on the platform is USD 76,000

15–40% pay rise just by joining

as you pay zero fees on Braintrust, while on traditional marketplaces the cut is around 30-50%
Hear the founders explaining the details:

Here are some proofs

how exciting this platform is...
I set out to write a normal Sponsored Deep Dive on NBC portco @usebraintrust... then I realized that it was the perfect case study for:  - "Real-world" web3 use cases - Tokenomics - How a user-owned network can both create AND capture more value https://t.co/OQPovbJiKf
Packy McCormick
-Packy McCormick
Not Boring Capital, Advisor web3 @a16z
"What could be more democratic?" @usebraintrust co-founder @adamjacksonsf shares how #Web3 networks can create value and incentivize users to contribute to marketplace success by giving them control and ownership in the marketplace itself. @Forbes https://t.co/Uk6VtWlgn
true ventures
-True Ventures
A Silicon Valley-based VC firm
Community crossed two huge milestones today...$40,315,816 in Talent Earnings for our community across 157 countries. 🤯🚀🥳The movement is growing by the day...Watch the progress live here. info.app.usebraintrust.com
It might sound like a wild idea if you're new to the #Web3 space, and that's because it is. But thanks to this crypto-powered model, @usebraintrust is growing at a faster rate than any marketplace I've worked on before.

Got a question?

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Alright Bence, but what exactly do you do?

I am a Product Designer / UX Consultant with vast experience of working with software engineers. After working in numerous agile tech teams at Fortune 1000 companies and startups, I am currently consulting through the Braintrust platform. I also run
 in London, UK and do career and UX coaching at the NYC based
 and at
IxDF Bootcamps.

How do I get paid?

You'll get paid on time either 2-weekly or monthly: add your hours and click on "Create Invoice" – done! With Braintrust, you never have to worry about hidden fees. That’s why
outside of currency conversion fees, you’ll never have to pay a dime. Personal tip: I opened a
Wise Business Account
that works perfectly with Braintrust.

How much does it cost to use the platform?

Applying and working via Braintrust is 100% free for approved talents. You'll even get free courses  on interviewing and application training, profile building assessment and community events.
See for yourself.
(By the way, in case you use my personal invite link, I get a small referral fee in the form of BTRUST tokens once you get approved.)

Is Braintrust right for me?

When you
Braintrust will help arrange an interview and skill assessment to see if you are a good fit. You'll need 5+ years of technical experience, entrepreneurial mindset, working on remote teams and good communication skills in English. The most demanded people are software engineers, UX/UI designers and project managers.

I am not convinced / not ready yet

Feel free to
drop me a line
– I am happy to share my personal experience.

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