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As a founding member and part of the Onboarding Team of Braintrust, I would like to invite you to the world's first web3 hiring platform.
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You don't need to be in Silicon Valley to beat the competition.

Bence Csernak

I am here to connect you with our Network

"When we were looking to innovate with new technology, we needed to find the right blend of trustworthy, vetted talent and reasonably hourly rates. Braintrust's matching engine made it easy to plug in a world-class team that helps us execute like a big tech company."
–Jad Dunning, Managing Partner
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Key advantages of hiring via Braintrust:


Very Small,
10% Take Rate

Without high-markups, you can make your budget go 3-4x further. Braintrust stays profitable as it replaces the middle man with software and use a token to grow the number of the talent and enterprise on the network.

Braintrust Already Found the Best People for You

It's difficult to find good people – Braintrust gives you access to the world’s most talented freelancers (acceptance rate is 3%), so you're hiring the best with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days.

Perfect for the Changed Working Habits

Really good people prefer flexibility rather than being a permanent employee. Braintrust gives them this freedom with a permanent job security and a pleasant hiring process as a bonus.
Listen to the founders highlighting some features
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Hiring Guidelines

Braintrust has the talent to innovate:

Software engineers

React, Javascript, Active Directory, Backend Developers, Machine Learning Engineers, Cloud Engineering, Snowflake Developers, Smart Contract, Hadoop, Microservices, Android Mobile Developers, Automation, Infrastructure, Data Processing, Kafa, BigQuery, System Architects, Datawarehouse, SQL, Pytorch, Artificial Intelligence Engineers, C++, Java, Azure Experts, Solidity, NFT engineers, XCode developers, Solana, Elastic Search, Crypto engineers, Blockchain Developers, API experts, Swift developers, Linux. QA Automation, Angular, Docker, Flutter, Testers, NextJS, NLP, GraphQL, Python, iOS devs, MongoDB, Frontend Developers, Game Developers


UI Designers, Experience Designers, Product Designers, Researchers, Data Visualization, Usability Testers,  ecommerce Designers, Mobile Designers, Motion Designers, AI Designers, Chatbot Designers, Voice Designers, Design System Designers, Information Architects, Design Managers, UX Managers, Art Directors, Package Designers, Service Designers, Brand Designers, Interaction Designers, Webflow Designers,  Creative Directors, Web Designers, Illustrators, 3D Modellers, Icon Designers, Visual Designers, Graphic Designers, Print Designers, Illustrators, Logo Designers, Pitch Deck Designers, Banner Designers, Email Designers, AR/VR Designers,


Project Managers, Product Managers, Dev Ops, Admin, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, Information Security, Budget Managers, Support, Delivery Managers, Recruiters

Strategy, Content and Marketing

Marketing Strategists, UX Writers, Content Designers and Editors, Video Editors, Salesforce, Growth Strategy, Lead Generation, Video Streaming, Data Analysts, Market Researchers, Social Media, SEO

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Alright Bence, but what exactly do you do?

I am a Product Designer / UX Consultant with vast experience of working with software engineers. After working in numerous agile tech teams at Fortune 1000 companies and startups, I am currently consulting through the Braintrust platform. I also run
 in London, UK. I do career and UX coaching at the NYC based

I run a regulated business (Finance, Insurance, Energy etc.) – Can I onboard a team via Braintrust?

A "node" on Braintrust is a real world commercial entity (for example a Delaware c-corp) that brings clients onto the network. These nodes bridge the crypto and non-crypto world, they have all the required insurances like Professional Liability Insurance and can process payments. Currently there are 6 core nodes working on the network – their job is to create the legal environment, just like in a traditional business relationship.
You won't even notice the difference:

How much does it cost to use the platform?

We are built by and for the talent. We are able to operate in an extremely lean fashion. The Braintrust fee structure only takes a modest 10% fee. It’s worth noting this dramatically reduces costs on both sides of the translation, for talent and employers.
All incentives are aligned and we redistribute value to the community (talent+companies).

Can I ask you some details before contacting Braintrust.com?

Absolutely –

just send me an email

 – I am happy to start a conversation as an expert with a UK, EU and Middle Eastern perspective. Braintrust is currently a US focused community. I'll shine a light on the nuances of the different markets, sharing details, as I was part of talent training in all phases of hiring, educate and mentor tech workers coming from different countries and continents.


Why does Braintrust exist?

The Braintrust Network exists to spread economic opportunity more equally around the world. It is Braintrust’s mission to build the world’s most impactful talent network. It is the first decentralized hiring platform that connects skilled, vetted knowledge workers with the world’s most reputable brands. In December 2021 $100M of BTRST token purchased by Coatue and Tiger Global to fuel community-led innovation. You can see all network data in real-time on the dashboard.

What is unique about the Braintrust model?

Braintrust utilized Blockchain technology to create a token of crypto currency which also represents ownership on the platform. The Braintrust Network then uses that token to incentivize web3 contributors and talent to contribute to the success of the Braintrust Platform. We believe that user-owned networks will grow faster and be more valuable than investor owned ones… and we’re proving that every day.

We build all the tools, the hiring platform and processes together – so the system will be better and better based on your feedback too! Simpler onboarding, invoicing, and compliance.

See the new job application management workflow:

Why is this model makes all that difference?

If you work with traditional recruiters, sometimes they bombard the wrong people with emails and disruptive phone calls. They tend to use dated technology and annoyingly complex platforms that slows down hiring and makes it expensive. It effects your reputation too!
Braintrust matches the right people with the right roles mostly automatically, so all the noise is gone. No shows and wasting time with interviews are drastically reduced.
If you change your mind or the role is being paused, candidates will clearly see the status change – avoiding the usual radio silence (people are furious about companies going quiet during hiring). Human errors and laziness are things of the past.

What do I get in 48 hours?

Post jobs for free. We'll match you with 3-5 elite talents. You'll get access to everything you need to know before picking the right candidate: work history, portfolios, reviews, and more. Save on thousands of dollars in markup fees. Make your budget go up to 4x further. Only pay if you’re 100% satisfied. Simplify onboarding, invoicing, and compliance.

Watch how easy to post jobs:

Do you have statistics? I want to see the numbers

Yes, here is the latest Growth Report:
State of Braintrust Q3 2022: 

I am not convinced / not ready yet

Feel free to
drop me a line
set up a meeting
– I am happy to share my personal experience.